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    Inclement Weather Information
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    From time to time, our normal operating hours or transportation services may be adjusted due to ice or snow. If inclement weather makes a schedule change necessary, the decision will be communicated through the following methods:

    Options for Schedule Changes

    Full-day school cancellation/closing: Students should not report to school. No preschool or head start classes.

    Early dismissal: If the decision is made to dismiss schools early, the district will notify parents or guardians of the early release using School Messenger automated calls.

    Delayed school opening with regular bus routes: Two-hour late start with buses operating on regular routes. No door-to-door transportation service. No preschool or head start classes.

    As an example, if your student has a scheduled pick-up time of 7 a.m., you can expect the bus to arrive at approximately 9 a.m. 

    Delayed school opening with snow route service: Two-hour late start with buses operating on snow routes*. No preschool or head start classes.

    *When buses operate on snow routes, SPS buses travel exclusively on roads that are maintained by the City of Seattle and receive snow removal. The stop location and time differs from normal bus assignment.

    Snow routes are customized each year and mailed to students. If students, parents or guardians need to know more information about snow routes, they can ask the school office staff or contact the transportation department (visit the transportation webpage).

    For those students who use King County's Metro bus service for school transportation, please visit the Metro online guide for their emergency ice and snow schedule.

    Family Preparation for Inclement Weather

    It is the responsibility of each family to have an inclement weather plan in place that can be put into action on short notice. We ask that you make sure your children have an alternate place to stay if you must be at work on a day when school has been delayed or canceled.

    Please ensure that a neighbor, family member or center is able to care for or receive students, and please instruct students to report directly home or to their established care center immediately on arrival in the evening.

    Winter Safety Tips for Students Walking to School or ​Bus Stop

    Students should allow extra time to get to their school or bus stop in the morning. Arrival at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pickup time is recommended.

    Bright clothing will make students more visible for bus drivers and other motorists, especially in the early morning and late evening. Warm clothing is also recommended as transportation delays may occur.

    Please walk with young children to their school or bus stop; older children should walk in groups. The location of a student's bus stop may be different from their normal stop location if the district is operating on snow routes.

    Pedestrian travel should be done on sidewalks or a safe walking path.

    • When there is no sidewalk and you have to walk on the road, be sure to walk facing traffic.
    • Walk across a street at corners, use crosswalks whenever possible.
    • When crossing a street, look left, right and left.
    • Listen for the sound of car motors, sirens, horns or emergency announcements before stepping into the street.

    For more information, visit our Inclement Weather Transportation Plan webpage.