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    Volunteer Requirements and Resources
    Posted on 10/15/2015
    Dear Volunteers:

    There have been changes made to the Seattle School District’s volunteer policies. As a result, there are some additional things that you must do before volunteering at Olympic Hills or any other Seattle Public School. You must complete the following forms each year that you wish to volunteer:

    *Please note, in order to expedite the volunteer application, a volunteer applicant must disclose accurate information on the volunteer disclosure form or their application will automatically be denied.

    Many enrichment programs/CBOs perform their own background screening process and verification is required. 

    Please note: 

    After performing a background check, and IF you receive charges (past/current) from Washington State Patrol/WATCH on a volunteer, you must follow these steps at this time: 

    • Submit an electronic report including background screening form and disclosure (page two) directly to HR/Eva Edwards for review. Eva Edwards: and cc Volunteer:
    • On certain charges the school principal in collaboration with the HR Dept. will make the final decision.  

    The volunteer office will continue to send out any updates concerning the volunteer process along with the weekly spreadsheet listing the names of volunteers who have completed the online ASM Prevention course training.If you find a volunteer who is missing on the spreadsheet, please send us their name and school and we will add them to the master list:  If you have not signed up to receive this weekly list, please send us a request so we can add your name to the contact list.

    Thank you for your patience during the SPS website transition.
    As of June 2, 2015 the online ASM Volunteer course is now available online.

    The volunteer website:
    The online course:

    The course can still be found from the front page of Seattle Public Schools
    Families and Communities > Volunteering at SPS > Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention - online course

    ​If you do not have computer access, please let the office know and we will arrange for you to have access to a computer at school.   For your convenience, I have included the necessary forms with this letter. I know that many of our volunteers completed some of these forms already this year. If you have, please just indicate which forms you have already completed.    While it may seem that this process is a lot of work, it is for the safety of your children and all of the children here at Olympic Hills. We appreciate all of the work you do and know that we could not provide everything that we do without your help.  


    Helen Joung, Principal