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    Curriculum Overview

    Olympic Hills is an accredited Advanced Learning Opportunity School. That means that children who are performing a year or more above standard are receiving instruction and assignments at their individual learning levels. In addition, Olympic Hills is a model (or “Lab School”)program for Readers and Writers Workshop.  You can look up “Lucy Calkins” and find lots of information about the Workshop-way of learning to read and write. We teach children in whole-group “mini-lessons” to introduce a skill or strategy, and then children meet with their teacher in small groups or individually to work on their “just right” level of Reading or Writing. We have thousands of books in our classrooms, all at different levels, so that every child is progressing through the levels where he/she exactly needs to be. In 2010/2011, Olympic Hills was the first “Lab School” to train other teachers in this incredible process. Children love to see their own progress through the levels! In Math, we use the Everyday Math In Focus. This curriculum has been the core math program for the district’s elementary schools since 2014.  We also add in additional teaching on problem-solving, and number-sense. In Math, we teach in the Workshop model as well, so that every child can learn in the small-group setting. The Workshop model encourages differentiated instruction, including flexible groupings for small group instruction,ongoing assessment, and a variety of daily math tasks. Social studies and the arts are integrated within our reading workshop so that our students are prepared to be global citizens.

    TECHNOLOGY: All students attend the Computer Lab 1 to 2 times a week. Students learn to do Research, Presentation Softwares, Type, Digital Citizenship, Improve Language Arts and Math Skills. They will also get exposure to computer programming with coding. Many times Computer Lab will integrate their class work. They will also learn test taking skills. Younger students will learn Letter Sounds and basic reading and math skills.  

    HOMEWORK:HOMEWORK: Students who are performing above grade level are encouraged to produce more complex responses to homework tasks. Students record reading selections, and time spent on homework projects, on a weekly homework log. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are asked to help support homework by having students show them finished work. Please set a home expectation of neatness and organized work. Parents are encouraged to look for additional ways to promote extra practice of skills at home.

    SELF-MANAGERS: Students are recognized for performing at mature levels in personal responsibility. “Self-Managers” are consistently kind, helpful, safe and responsible. Students who are able to make wise choices receive natural rewards such as being able to study in the hall, going to and from lunch and recess without teacher direction, or having greater choices in the classroom.

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    Families and Education Levy

    We have also received nearly $300,000/yr for the next seven years through the Families and Education Levy. This levy has allowed us to have in school and after school programs to offer targeted intervention in Math and Reading. Olympic Hills Academy (OHA) is an after-school enrichment program through the University YMCA. The academy will provide a select group of students with academic assistance in Math, Science, and Literacy as well as provide enrichment with content ranging from cooking to arts and crafts.

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    Arts Impact

    This is a Federally-funded research arts grant, managed through the Puget Sound ESD, and they collect data from students and teachers as part of the research. For 2014/2015, we are going to be integrating the Arts into Math while continuing to implement the Arts into Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop. Artists have worked with our teachers to model for them how to teach the lessons at their grade levels during intensive training sessions. Artists are scheduled to visit Olympic Hills and work with our lead-teachers, also.

    Instrumental Music

    At Olympic Hills we have a FREE instrumental music program for 4th and 5th Graders. Students borrow instruments for the year. Music has shown to improve overall language arts and math skills . All 4th and 5th Grade Students are encouraged to participate. Music students get to perform a few times a year, which also helps build their confidence. They practice for these performances throughout the year. Many of our students are ready for the advanced music programs in Middle School and High School, when they graduate.

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    University of Washington Research Study

    Over the past few years, the University of Washington,College of Education has shown great interest in our expert teaching staff and their practices. This year, they have received approval from the University of Washington and Seattle Public Schools to conduct are search study of teachers teaching grades 3-5  in Writing instruction. The researchers were impressed with our work in Writer’s Workshop and chose our school to conduct a study on teaching writing and the elements involved in doing so effectively.

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    Head Start

    Head Start is a Federal program that promotes school readiness for children ages 3 to 5 by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development. Head Start works to support healthy families that are actively involved and engaged. Children and families receive services and education in the areas of health/nutrition, family support, social emotional development and parenting.

    To learn more about our programs or to enroll your child, please contact us at 206-252-0972.

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