Olympic Hills Elementary

Olympic Hills
Olympic Hills Elementary School


Curriculum Overview

Olympic Hills focuses on standards-aligned and data-driven instruction for all students. We use a workshop model of instruction through which students receive lessons from the teacher in various content areas, as well as differentiated opportunities for small group and individual instruction. Many of our students also receive services for English language development, Special Education, and Advanced Learning opportunities. Our master schedule is structured to provide staggered content and intervention blocks that support differentiation while also maintaining access to rigorous grade-level content in the large group classroom setting.

Olympic Hills is a School of Promise site in alignment with Seattle Public School’s Strategic Plan focused on our Black boys. Staff are trained in the science of reading as our instructional framework emphasizing decoding, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. As a School of Promise site, we work to increase access to books and literacy to our students and their families.

We are also a Families, Education, Preschool and Promise Levy school in partnership with the City of Seattle. Our Levy work is focused on our Latnix students through three initiatives:

  1. professional development on the essential practices for language development,
  2. K-1 literacy intervention, and
  3. 3-5 English language programming for math and college & career readiness.


  • Common Core State Standards
  • Center for Collaborative Classroom (literacy)
  • Envision Mathematics
  • Amplify Science
  • Instruction for Multi Lingual Learners
  • Special Education services on continuum with three programs (Focus, Extended Resource, and Resource)
  •  Advanced Learning Opportunity program
  • Otter Block – small group reading instructions
  • Advanced math groups (2nd – 5th grade)

Social Emotional


  • Specials
    • Art
    • Music
    • PE
    • Technology
    • Library
    • Instrumental music
  • After School
    • Tutoring – Olympic Hills Academy
    • Lion King Musical Practice

Family & Community Partnerships

  • Beginning of year family connection meetings
  • Four-day Jump Start for kindergarteners
  • Ongoing family connections
  • PTA events
  • Spanish Family Council

Community Partners

  • City of Seattle
  • Meadowbrook Community Center
  • Seattle Teacher Residency
  • UW Pipeline Tutoring
  • Team Read
  • Page Ahead
  • Rhyther
  • Center for Human Services
  • Consejo
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Hunger Intervention Program