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Digital Learning Resources for Families Presentation

Digital learning Resources  

Great Resources and Information for Families

New Link to Forms for 2020-21

New! Ms Paulina's Page -  The Counselor's Corner

Informed Immigrant Resources

Mental Health Resources from Seattle Public Schools

Article with Information about Controlling Screen time

Olympic Hills PTA

Olympic Hills Family Resource Page

Food and Financial Supports:

  • Olympic Hills is a food distribution site! Come by Monday-Friday from 11:00am-1:00pm to pick up lunch. ALL families are welcome. You do not need to have your kids with you.

  • Olympic Hills teachers will be reaching out to families and students over the next week to check in on how you are doing. They will also share some of the following resources:

Lunch Form

Academic Learning Resources for Adults

Academic Resources for Students Some of the following links require making accounts. They should still be Free of cost.

Physical Learning Activity 

Reading Learning Activities

Math Learning Activities

Science Learning Activities

Digital Citizenship


Varied Content Area Resources and Virtual Field Trips

Computer Lab OLH

Digital Learning Resources

From recent inhouse Tech PD

Presentation of Digital Resources 2020– Updated to include MS Team building Resources

Digital Resources for Oly Hill Teachers

Newly Updated!

Salmon in Schools Resources

Cyberbullying – Teaching Resources

Reading resources

Starfall free resources for teachers and parents

Math Resources

Science Resources

Other Awesome Resources

Khan Academy Teacher Class Codes for students 

Kozu BVS2XG2G 
Le G83R9GUA 
Morris XUFXA9BM 
Nicholes Q68Y5AQ3 
Fuller 45BSEJ36

1st Grade 
Lara HWFW2W93 
Penticuff 8A2B8KJE 
Sam VF7973X7 

2nd Grade 
Johnston UDET8W75 
Magelssen YUNBDPST 
Tingey N4GKRZ3Y 
Whiting 6U4NE9JU

3rd Grade 
Chmielowiec Q988U9E2 
Guthrie UCEUE5V8 
Herman B38SEKFU 

4th Grade 
Bodwitch 4NUBPB63 
Halley 8SKT7K4H 
Woods E2WUBQ2N

Best Websites for Teaching & Learning | American Association of School Librarians (AASL)

Amazing list of resources for the classroom

5 Ted Talks to Spark Students' Creativity

5 Excellent Ted Ed Lessons

District Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction Newsletter with more resources

CAI Staff Newsletter

Other important websites/Resources for educators


Third Grade

Teacher Recommended

Chmielowiec Q988U9E2
Guthrie UCEUE5V8 
Herman B38SEKFU 

Fourth Grade

Khan Academy Teacher Class Codes for students

Bodwitch 4NUBPB63 

Halley 8SKT7K4H 

Woods E2WUBQ2N 


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