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Seattle Canoe & Kayak Club Open House
Is your 5th grade student looking for a great sport that offers individual achievement as well as the benefits of participating on a team?  The Seattle Canoe and Kayak Club Junior Sprint Team are holding their annual “Open House” on Sunday, April 27 &  Saturday May 17 from 10 am – 1 pm.   Come join us at the Small Craft Center on Green Lake at 9:45AM.  Watch the competitive Junior Team finish their training session, meet the coaches of this exciting sport, and then climb into the boats with our team members to get a feel for what it is like to be in an Olympic style Sprint Kayak or Canoe.  You need to bring a parent/guardian to sign the waiver and bring a change of clothes in case you get wet!  Questions?  Contact Tami Oki at 524-1116  or tamaraoki@wonderanimal.com or the Green Lake Small Craft Center at 684-4074. 
This sport requires no previous experience and can be done all year long.  Lots of the team members also participate in other sports as the practice schedules are very flexible.   It can be a fit for almost anyone!  
Check out the website at http://www.seattlecanoeclub.org/recruiting.  Beginner classes begin in April, the full schedule can be seen at Youth Kayak - Seattle Parks & Recreation https://class.seattle.gov/parks/Start/Start.asp Choose "Programs" then "Boating" then "youth-kayak."
Testing Season
MSP (Measure of Student Progress) begins at the end of April and runs through the first week of May. All students in grades 3, 4, & 5 will take Reading and Math tests.  These are important tests and should be taken seriously.  Families, please plan to have your child arrive to school on time each day and eat a good breakfast.  The scores go on your child's record and may have impact on entering high programs years later.
Writing and Science are also included on the MSP.  More information on who takes Science and Writing will be posted later.
Reporting Absences by Phone
Families, if you know your child will be late or absent, please call our office at 206-252-4302.
Thank you!
Jump Start for Kindergarten 2014
Families of kindergarten students enrolling for September 2014, you are invited to participate in Jump Start at Olympic Hills!
Jump Stat is a week-long experience to help new kindergartners become familiar with the school environment through learning-enriched play. It will be held August 18-22 from 9am to noon.

All kindergarten families will receive a special letter in the mail ahead of time.  The letter will instruct you on how to sign up and provide the forms to complete.

This half-day camp is in the mornings and will help your child be ready for school in September.
We look forward to seeing you in August!

For more information on Jump Start call  206-252-0186

New District Math Adoption Process
The Seattle School District is listening to YOUR ideas about various MATH programs before it adopts one to replace Everyday Math.  Selected schools in our district are serving as display sites where families can learn more about these math programs and provide your feedback as a parent or community member.  NORTHGATE Elementary School is the closest to us.  You must go there during the day time hours, between April 1 and April 25 to participate.

Northgate Elementary:        Northgate Elementary, 11725 1st Ave NE     Phone:  252-4180

The possible math programs are:  enVision, Go Math, Math in Focus, and My Math

Here is the link for more information about this process.  http://bit.ly/MathAdoption2014

Common Core State Standards Initiative – http://www.corestandards.org/  

We hope that through this process our school district will adopt a math program that it can stay with for a significant period of time, as these programs are expensive and require a long term commitment to be truly effective.

Olympic Hills Made the News!
November 13, 2013 Olympic Hills was featured in the Seattle Times!  Extra Extra!  Follow this link and read all about it!
Families, if you drop your child off across the street (20th), please walk your child to a crosswalk and assist them across.  Do NOT have your child cross alone.  Do NOT have your child cross between parked buses.

PICKUPS:  Please try to pick up your child on the school side of 20th.  Children running across the street to parked vehicles are in danger.  Bus drivers cannot see your child.

Please use the drive through in our parking lot or park in an appropriate zone along 20th.

Thank you for helping us keep our children safe at Olympic Hills!
Grades 1-5 start on Wednesday, September 4th.

All Kindergarten Students start on Monday, September 9th.

Morning Bell Times
Warning Bell is at 8:35.  Students line up to come in.
Start Time Bell is at 8:40. Classes begin.
Ending Bell is at 2:50  Classes dismiss students.

During the school year if your child arrives at school after 8:40, please check him or her in at the office to assure of us of conducting proper and safe attendance.

Teacher Residents at Olympic Hills!
We have exciting news in our school this year…. teaching teams! Several Residents from the Seattle Teacher Residency will be joining us in several of our classrooms all year.  Residents are learning to teach in an innovative program specifically aimed at preparing them to teach in schools like ours within the Seattle School District. They will be taking coursework all year and completing a year-long internship in our classrooms where Mentor teachers (our very own Julie Solarek, Jeremy Whiting, Jennifer Hurley, Mathias Sanders, Katy Pence and Autumn Doss) will co-plan and co-teach to create exciting learning opportunities for your children.
Urban teacher residency programs like this one adapt the medical residency model to teacher preparation, by blending a full year of classroom apprenticeship with aligned, graduate-level course work and an intensive resident/mentor partnership. These programs aim to accelerate student achievement through the training, support and retention of excellent teachers.  The model brings two teachers into the classroom, providing opportunities for more individualized attention and varied teaching strategies.   Although there are five Residents matched with Mentor teachers, we, as a whole school, are supporting the development of new teachers!   And the bonus is that not only will they learn from us, but we feel it will raise the level of both our own instruction and student achievement.
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